New Protections for Nursing Mothers, Pregnancy Accommodations and Parental Leave in Minnesota

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The new Minnesota Omnibus jobs law broadens protections for lactating employees and increases pregnancy accommodation rights and expanded unpaid parental leave.

For Lactating Employees, did the new law will remove the 12 month limit, remove employer rights to deny reasonable break time and provide a better space other than a bathroom?

Yes, Yes and Yes on all counts!

Did the new law increase Reasonable Accommodations for Pregnant employees?

Yes, it now covers all employers and requires employers provide more frequent breaks, temporary leaves of absence and modified work schedules. Reinstatement rights were also expanded for return to the sane or comparable jods.

Unpaid Parental Leave is now required by all employers.

All Minnesota employers are now requied to provide 12 weeks of unpaid leave immediately on the first day if employment.

For all three of these new sweeping changes, employers will have to provide notice to all employees and revise their policies and employee handbooks. The Synergy HR team will be providing help to its’ subscriber clients to steer them through the myriad of regulations that are coming as well as providing compliant policies and handbook amendments.

The penalties for non-compliance will be significant. Our HR and legal experts can ensure that you do not take any unnecessary risks.