Navigating the New Minnesota Paid Sick Leave Law

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New statewide Minnesota law will require employers to provide paid time off to all employees for designated personal and family reasons.

What is the new law:
  • State-wide, mandated paid sick and safe leave time
  • All Minnesota employers with 1 or more employees – including temporary and seasonal employees
  • Effective January 1, 2024
  • Employees accrue paid sick and safe time off based on hours worked in Minnesota
  • Employers based outside of Minnesota with employees working in Minnesota are subject to the regulation.
  • Employees must earn 1 hour of Sick and Safe Time for every 30 hours worked in Minnesota – up to 48 hours per year.
  • Carryover up to 80 hours of Sick and Safe Time from one year to the next must be allowed  OR
  • Carryover of Sick and Safe Time is not required if an employer chooses to ‘front-load’ 80 hours of Sick and Safe Time or pays out unused Sick and Safe Time at the end of the year.
  • Information about accrued sick and safe time must be included on earned income statements to employees. 

Employees must be permitted to use ESST for:

  • the employee’s own illness, injury, health condition, or preventative care
  • to care for a “family member” for the family member’s illness, injury, health condition, or preventative care
  • leave related to domestic violence or personal safety issues for employee or “family member,”
  • certain business closures by order of a “public official”
  • the employee’s inability to work or telework because of health concerns related to the potential transmission of a communicable illness related to a public emergency