July 2023

sick employees and paid sick leave in minnesota

Minnesota Paid Sick Leave 2023

On May 24, 2023, Governor Tim Walz signed into law an omnibus jobs and economic development bill that included, among its many workplace-related provisions, the establishment of a statewide paid sick leave program, effective on January 1, 2024. This law is similar to the existing Minneapolis and St. Paul earned sick and safe time ordinances, but it does not preempt them. In other words, and according to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry’s website,”employers must follow the most protective law that applies to their employees.” The website indicates that an employee notice, frequently asked questions regarding the new program, and a workplace poster will be “coming soon.”

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marijuana and Minnesota employment law 2023

Minnesota Marijuana Employment Law 2023

Nothing in the newly amended CPA prohibits employers from taking action against employees who use, possess, sell, transfer, or are impaired while working, while on work premises, or while operating an employer’s vehicles, machines, or equipment. Similarly, employers may continue prohibiting the use of such products if failing to do so would violate another federal or state law or regulation or cause the employer to lose money or any licensing-related benefit under federal law or regulations.

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