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Our human resources approach is unique in that all of our strategies are designed around business growth. Our clients include $3 million manufacturing firms up to $2 billion distributors.

Some of our turn-key HR support services include:

Current HR laws and regulations can be confusing. Synergy HR Solutions can conduct an HR Audit that will guide you through the regulatory labrynth and identify areas that present potential liabilities.

An effective employee handbook should communicate company expectations and ensure compliance with state and federal requirements. Synergy HR Solutions assures effective communication by creating a customized employee handbook that benifits both you and your employees.

Court actions are expensive battles where only the lawyers really win. Rather than litigating a dispute, a change of mindset toward that of mitigating loss is often more constructive. Mediation can serve as a strong substitute for litigation by providing the opportunity for that change of thinking to take place.

Enhance your team’s performance and increase your recruiting and retention rates. We will customize training programs to the specific needs of your workforce. We train at your facility, eliminating travel and bosting productivity.

Questions about personnel and staffing issues? Our hr advice line will decrease your chance of employment-related lawsuits and improve your handling of employee relations issues.

Our specialized charter school HR services can help solve staff human resource issues, improve overall risk management, and ensure that your school is following current Minnesota HR laws and regulations.

No two companies are exactly alike. If you have a special HR project that you need to address, Synergy HR Solutions has the experience and know-how to equip you with a customized solution for any HR special project. We can also facilitate the project if needed.

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