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Mike Conroy, Associate

Mike Conroy

About Mike Conroy

Michael Conroy works as an independent business consultant for small and medium sized businesses in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

As a consultant, he helps his clients maximize the value & profits of their company through interviews, research and leadership.

His HR experience focuses on corporate training and investigations. Michael brings a wide breadth of experience to assist companies organize the underlying and complex issues that accompany an investigation. He applies his charismatic leadership style and professional skills to assess all elements of a investigation and find the underlying cause of a business challenge.

In addition, Michael is a licensed Sales Agent and assists companies to sell their business or assess acquisition targets. He has worked with clients through family business succession planning and transition.

Michael is an MBA graduate from University of MN-Carlson School of Management. Prior to attending graduate school, Michael spent 14 with the St. Paul Police Department and 4 years in the United States Marine Corps.

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