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Mike Bourgon, HR Specialist

Mike Bourgon
Partner/HR Specialist

Professional Associations:

Michigan Bar Assoc.

American Bar Assoc.

Stillwater, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

About Mike Bourgon

As an attorney and Chief Administrative Officer in the financial services sector, I’ve spent years involved with integrating broad-based business issues with the management of human resources. I now work intimately with corporate management and business owners to integrate staffing programs with business goals and areas of legal liability.”

During his career, Mike has managed the HR challenges faced during 20 mergers and acquisitions, over 30 downsizings, and the redevelopment of numerous back office infrastructures. He has worked for all types of businesses including insurance companies, hotel operators, industrial firms, and several non-profit companies. Mike also has been involved in numerous real estate ventures and projects. Mike has earned a Juris Doctor Degree and a Legal Masters Degree in Labor and Employment Law.

He now utilizes his experience to improve staff performance, assess employee risk, and manage human resources across a wide range of industries and disciplines.

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