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Court actions are expensive battles where only the lawyers really win. Rather than litigating a dispute, a change of mindset toward that of mitigating loss is often more constructive. Mediation can serve as a strong substitute for litigation by providing the opportunity for that change of thinking to take place.

Mike Bourgon, a trained mediator (also known as a “Qualified Neutral” under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice), will work with clients who require a safe, holistic environment that encourages open and honest communication.


  • We insure a respectful environment in which individuals can be heard and understood, encouraging shared solutions.
  • We specialize in dispute resolution between employers and their staff or among personnel.
  • Parties are encouraged to make their own decisions and fashion their own settlement.
  • We help identify areas of agreement and developing strategies to overcome the obstacles.
  • We identify real objectives and facilitate the consideration of alternatives that might be overlooked by attorneys engaged in battle.
  • At Synergy HR Solutions, we strive to make the mediation process equitable and productive for all parties involved.

The mediator will control and direct communications. As a result, unproductive discussions can be avoided, and concessions or proposals will be communicated only if they are likely to lead to a settlement.


Synergy HR Solutions negotiation services utilize an effective streamlined process to assist clients to achieve objectives utilizing best practices. These best practices include a number of core activities such as organizational restructuring, strategic decision-making, conflict resolution, mergers, acquisitions, and especially, HR management.

Client results include revenue increase, reduced costs, stronger relationships (both external and internal), and more effective operational results.

Synergy HR Solutions has negotiated agreements across industries including manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and real estate among others.

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